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Engine and gearbox mounts

An engine mount’s primary purpose is to secure an engine into machinery and absorb any shocks and vibrations when the machinery is operating. Engine mounts and anti-vibration mounts are essential for preventing damage to the engine and improving operator comfort (where applicable). But what happens when engine mounts need replacing? And, do you know the symptoms of worn engine mounts? We answer both of these questions in this post.

How to Tell if Engine Mounts Need Replacing

1. Increased Vibrations

One of the most common engine mount symptoms is increased vibrations while using your vehicle. If you start your engine and notice that it is making more noise than usual and you can feel more vibrations than usual, this is a key sign of a worn engine mount that may need replacing. If an engine mount is damaged, its anti-vibration properties weaken. An increase in vibrations leads to the engine making more of a sound than usual – something that can be extremely damaging to an engine if it continues for a long time.

2. Rocky Start
Upon starting a machine, you may notice an excessive lurch that doesn’t feel or sound healthy. This is another one of the most common symptoms of worn engine mounts. This lurch often steadies into a constant vibration, but you may then also experience a lurch when turning the ignition off.

3. A Bumpier Ride
An engine mount that needs replacing can often cause a jolt when changing gears on an attached transmission. This jolt or thump can also be noticeable when travelling at faster speeds due to the engine working harder. If your machine doesn’t feel as smooth as usual, this can often be down to a damaged engine mount. 

4. Impact Noises
Engine mount noise is a by-product of engine mount failure. A worn engine mount can often lead to ‘clunks’ and ‘bangs’ within its surroundings or within the engine bay. This noise is due to the engine moving around more than normal and making contact with other components, which in turn can cause impact sounds that become quite noticeable.

5. Visual Wear
With use, the metal part of an engine mount does change in appearance. However, if you can see any significant corrosion, cracks or warps to the part, excessive wear will likely be occurring to the rest of the mount. If you notice any cracks or flaking to the rubber aspect of an engine mount, this can potentially limit its performance depending on the severity of the cracks and the root cause. The effectiveness of engine mounts relies on their form and shape, as any changes can damage the engine. If you notice any of these signals, you should look into replacing engine mounts as quickly as possible.

Brand: NOK Industry ltd Model: 12371-34030
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