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Privacy and cookie statement

About our privacy policy cares a lot about your privacy. We therefore only process data that we need for (improving) our services and we handle the information we have collected about you and your use of our services. We never make your data available to third parties for commercial purposes.

This privacy policy applies to the use of our website and the services provided by . The starting date for the validity of these conditions is 20.04.2022, with the publication of a new version the validity of all previous versions expires. This Privacy Policy describes what information about you is collected by us, where this data is used for and with whom and under what conditions this data can possibly be shared with third parties. We also explain to you how we store your data and how we protect your data against misuse and what rights you have with regard to the personal data you provide us.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us. You will find the contact details at the end of our privacy policy.

About the data processing

Below you can read how we process your data, where we save it, what security techniques we use and for whom the data are transparent.

Webshop software

Our webshop has been developed with Opencart software. Personal data that you make available to us for the benefit of our services will be shared with this party. Opencart has access to your data to provide us (technical) support, they will never use your data for any other purpose. Opencart is obliged to take appropriate security measures on the basis of the agreement we have concluded with them. These security measures consist of the application of SSL encryption, a strong password policy and secure data storage.  reserves the right to share collected data within its own concern and affiliated partners to further improve the service.  takes into account the applicable statutory retention periods for (personal) data.

Web hosting and e-mail
We take web hosting and email services from XXLwebhosting. These parties process personal data on our behalf and do not use your data for their own purposes. However, these parties can collect metadata about the use of the services. These are not personal data. XXLwebhosting have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent loss and unauthorized use of your personal data. XXLwebhosting are required by virtue of the confidentiality agreement.

Shipping and logistics

If you place an order with us, it is our job to have your package delivered to you. We use the services of ThaiPost and DHL to carry out the deliveries. It is therefore necessary that we share your name, address and residence details with ThaiPost and DHL. ThaiPost and DHL use this information only for the purpose of executing the agreement. In case the ThaiPost and DHL enable subcontractors, they also make your data available to these parties.

Purpose of data processing

General purpose of the processing: We only use your data for the benefit of our services. This means that the purpose of the processing is always directly related to the assignment you provide. We do not use your data for (targeted) marketing. If you share information with us and we use this information to contact you at a later date - other than at your request - we will ask you explicitly for this. Your information will not be shared with third parties, other than to comply with accounting and other administrative obligations. These third parties are all kept confidential under the agreement between them and or an oath or legal obligation. Third parties who are subcontractors with us for data processing (service providers such as our fulfillment partner, website manager and technical partners) and who help us to maintain this website or process the data that you have provided to us, can access your data. Some of these commercial partners may be located outside the country from which you visit this website.


Customize / unsubscribe newsletter service
At the bottom of each mailing you will find the possibility to change your details or to unsubscribe.

Automatically collected data

Data that is automatically collected by our website is processed with the aim of further improving our services. This information (eg your IP address, web browser and operating system) is not personal data.

Participation in tax and criminal investigation

As the occasion arises, a statutory obligation may be required to share your data in connection with government tax or criminal investigations. In such a case, we are forced to share your data, but we will oppose this within the possibilities that the law offers us.

Retention periods

We keep your information as long as you are our client. This means that we keep your customer profile until you indicate that you no longer wish to use our services. If you indicate this to us, we will also consider this as a request for forgiveness. On the basis of applicable administrative obligations, we must keep invoices with your (personal) data, so we will keep this data for as long as the applicable term runs. However, employees no longer have access to your client profile and documents that we have produced in connection with your assignment.

Your rights

On the basis of the applicable Thai and European legislation, you as a data subject have certain rights with regard to the personal data that are processed by or on behalf of us. We explain below which rights these are and how you can invoke these rights.

In principle, in order to prevent abuse, we will send copies and copies of your data only to your already known e-mail address. In the event that you wish to receive the data at another e-mail address or for example by post, we will ask you to identify yourself. We keep records of completed requests, in the case of a request for forgiveness we administer anonymous data. All copies and copies of data you receive in the machine readable data format that we use within our systems.

You have the right to file a complaint with the Thai Data Protection Authority at any time if you suspect that we are using your personal data in the wrong way.

Right of inspection

You always have the right to inspect the data that we process or have processed that relate to your person or that can be traced back to you. You can submit a request to that effect to our privacy contact person. You will receive a response to your request within 30 days. If your request is granted, we will send you a copy of all data with an overview of the processors who have this data, with the e-mail address known to us, stating the category under which we have stored this data.

Rectification right

You always have the right to have the data that we process or have processed that relate to your person or that can be traced back to this. You can submit a request to that effect to our privacy contact person. You will receive a response to your request within 30 days. If your request is granted, we will send you a confirmation that the details have been changed on the e-mail address known to us.

Right to restriction of processing

You always have the right to limit the data that we process or have related to your person or that can be traced back to you. You can submit a request to that effect to our privacy contact person. You will receive a response to your request within 30 days. If your request is granted, we will send you a confirmation to the e-mail address known to us that the data until you cancel the restriction will no longer be processed.

Right of transferability

You always have the right to have the data that we process or have processed and that relate to your person or that can be traced back to you, performed by another party. You can submit a request to that effect to our privacy contact person. You will receive a response to your request within 30 days. If your request is granted, we will send you copies or copies of all information about you that we have processed or that have been processed by us by other processors or third parties on the e-mail address known to us. In all probability, can no longer continue the service in such a case, because the secure linking of data files can then no longer be guaranteed.

Right of objection and other rights

In such cases you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data by or on behalf of. If you object, we will immediately stop the data processing pending the settlement of your objection. If your objection is well-founded, we will make copies and / or copies of data that we process or have made available to you and then permanently discontinue the processing. You also have the right not to be subject to automated individual decision making or profiling. We do not process your data in such a way that this right applies. If you are of the opinion that this is the case, please contact our contact person for privacy matters.

Changes to the privacy policy

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time. On this page you will always find the most recent version. If the new privacy policy affects the way in which we process already collected data relating to you, we will notify you by e-mail.


For the best possible effect our website uses cookies, scripts, tags and beacons (hereinafter referred to as 'cookies'). For example, cookies ensure that your preferences, such as location and language settings, are remembered. In addition, they keep your digital shopping cart in mind when shopping online. We can also see which pages are being viewed thanks to cookies, and we can improve our store. Furthermore, some cookies help to show ads relevant to you.

Cookies are stored on your computer and can be deleted at any time. After deleting cookies, you may have to reset your preferences or you will have to log in again and again. Cookies are completely secure, and do not store e-mail addresses or telephone numbers.

At the first visit to you can indicate via the cookie layer whether you accept cookies or if you want to change the settings for cookies.

Explanation about the cookies used on this website

We think it is important that you know which cookies our website is used for and what purposes they are used for. We want to guarantee both your privacy and the user-friendliness of our website as much as possible. Below you can read more about the cookies that are used by and through our website and for what purposes.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies ensure that our website functions properly.

Our website uses cookies for:
• remembering products that you add to the shopping cart and the wishlist when shopping online
• remembering information that you enter on the various pages during checkout or ordering, so that you do not have to re-enter all your details
• passing on information from one page to the next page, for example if a long survey is completed or if you have to enter a lot of data when ordering online
• saving preferences, such as the language, location, the desired number of search results to be displayed, etc.
• saving settings for optimal video display, such as the desired buffer size and the resolution data of your screen
• reading out your browser settings in order to show our website optimally on your screen
• detecting abuse of our website and services, for example by registering a number of consecutive failed log-in attempts
• the uniform loading of the website, so that the site remains accessible
• offering the possibility to store log-in data so that you do not have to enter it every time
• make it possible to respond to our website
• make it possible to contact you on the website with questions about your order, the chosen delivery method and wish list


To determine which parts of are most interesting to our visitors, we continuously measure how many visitors come to our website and what is viewed the most. For this we use Google Analytics. We do not trace the recorded information to persons and are only used by us for statistical insight.

The recorded information is used for:
• Track the number of visitors on our web pages
• Tracking the amount of time each visitor spends on our web pages
• Determining the order in which a visitor visits the various pages of our website
• Assessing which parts of our site need adjustment
• Optimizing the website

Social Media

The articles that you view on can be shared by means of buttons via social media. The functioning of these buttons uses social media cookies from social media parties such as Facebook, so that they recognize you the moment you want to share an article.

Our social media cookies enable:

• logged in users of selected social media can share certain content of our website directly


The security of personal data is our top priority. Your data stored with us are therefore protected by technical and organizational measures to effectively prevent loss or misuse by third parties. In particular, our employees who process this personal data are obliged to keep these data confidential. The transmission of personal data requiring special protection is encrypted (for example by using SSL = Secure Socket Layer). You can see this, for example, at the lock that your browser shows with an SSL connection. Technical security measures to protect your data are regularly checked and adjusted to the latest state of technology if necessary. These principles also apply to companies that process and use data in our order and according to our instructions

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