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Mechanical fuel pumps are generally mounted on the side of the engine, and work by drawing fuel out from the bottom of the tank using a suction process. A diaphragm creates the suction, and a valve stops the fuel from flowing back into the tank once the pump has filled up.
A mechanical-pump drive hardly ever fails — though signs of wear may appear on the cam and operating lever , linkages and pins. Diaphragms can leak. A small leak may affect the engine noticeably only at high speeds, but may also let petrol drip through into the camshaft area and from there to the sump . If this occurs, there is a risk of an explosion. Valves have a disc and a seating held together by a small cage. Pres- sure in one direction pushes the valve on to its seating, closing it; pressure the other way lifts the disc and opens the valve. Valves last many years, but dirt can get in and stop them seating properly. 

Checking the pump operation
- Seal the outlet pipe(s) with a finger, and push the lever up; it should move freely and the diaphragm should stay still if the inlet valve is seating.
- Seal the inlet pipe and push the lever again; you should feel resistance, but the diaphragm should not move if the outlet valve is seating.
- Seal off all pipes and push the lever again; you should feel resistance if the diaphragm is sound and properly sealed.
- Seal the vent hole in the underside and push the lever, you should feel resistance if the oil seal between the linkage and diaphragm is intact.

Do not test the pump by blowing compressed air into it: you may burst the diaphragm.

Even if you find the fault, you may not be able to mend it. If the pump is sealed, it will have to be replaced.

Brand: Toyota Model: 23100-39085
Mechanical Fuel Pump For 12R engine,  TOYOTA RN20 , RN25 '72-'74 12R..
฿ 2,760.00
Ex Tax:฿ 2,760.00
Brand: Toyota Model: 23100-39016
Mechanical Fuel Pump Engine 12-R as well 2-RFor Hilux RN20, RN25 (12R engine)Corona RT100, RT110, RT116 (12R engine)HiAce RH11, RH20, RH30Also
฿ 3,910.00
Ex Tax:฿ 3,910.00
Brand: Toyota Model: 23100-39125
Mechanical Fuel Pump For 16R and 18R engine,  Also part.no23100-39126used for modelCelica TA40Corona RT132..
฿ 4,140.00
Ex Tax:฿ 4,140.00
Brand: Toyota Model: 23100-29085
Mechanical Fuel Pump for 3K enginealso 23100-29086Used on ModelCorolla KE30, KE35, KE36, KE50Starlet KP60, KP62Toyota1000 KP30, KP36, KP37LieAce KM10..
฿ 3,335.00
Ex Tax:฿ 3,335.00
Brand: Toyota Model: 23100-19215
Mechanical Fuel Pump for 4K and 5K enginealso 23100-13091Used on ModelCorolla KE70Starlet KP60, KP61..
฿ 3,220.00
Ex Tax:฿ 3,220.00
Brand: Toyota Model: 23100-49045
Mechanical Fuel Pump For 5R Corona RT43Also
฿ 2,415.00
Ex Tax:฿ 2,415.00
Brand: Toyota Model: 23100-49135
Mechanical Fuel Pump For 5R engine,  Crown 5R - RS80 - 1974-79Also 23100-4913823100-49136..
฿ 2,415.00
Ex Tax:฿ 2,415.00
Brand: Toyota Model: 23100-43021
Mechanical Fuel Pump original ToyotaAlso known as 23100-49245For Crown 5M engineMS122MS132..
฿ 4,600.00
Ex Tax:฿ 4,600.00
Brand: Toyota Model: 23100-49215
Kyosan Denki fuelpump M, 2M - 4M - 5M, ReplacementSInce the original fuelpump TP513-1 is almost not available anymore, we have searched for a replacement that is not only suitable, but also look alike to the original pump.This pump works the same but has on top a piece of tube installed (screwed) wh..
฿ 6,000.00
Ex Tax:฿ 6,000.00
Brand: Toyota Model: 23100-49096
Mechanical Fuel Pump KYOSAN DENKI also 23100-4916523100-4916623100-49168For 4M engine1978–1980 Toyota Supra1974–1980 Corona Mark II, Cressida , Chaser1971–1979 Toyota CrownFor 2M engineCrown MS45 (Mar 1967 - Sept 1967)Crown MS51S/52/53/55/57 (1967-71)Crown ..
฿ 6,000.00
Ex Tax:฿ 6,000.00
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