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So why we ask for a donation to Hand to Paw?

As you may know we at Toyota Classic Parts are the proud owners of 2 beautifull German Shepard Dogs. In februari 2022 our Belgium Shepard Dog died after 13 years and we promised to first take some time of before taking again dogs in our life. But we feel a big miss and when we saw the next month a bunch of German Shepard puppies , we drove straight through Thailand, 997 km, and visit the parents and their puppies. We fell in love with all 7 puppies but choose finally for 2 of them. Lex and Tara are part of our live since April 2022. And they are very happy .
But not all dogs have in Thailand a good life. Read the story below.
We have made it our mission, besides restoring cars and selling parts worldwide, to help the organization Hand to Paw a bit financially. If you like to help, please feel free to make a donation by Paypal to them. Soon we will also offer you, when you order parts from us, in the checkout a possibility to add some small donation to the payment. We will take care to report every month how much is collected in that way, and how it is spent.
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