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Engine sumps

We have been sending sumps to Australia, USA, Europe and UK for over 2 years now. We do clean and pack them well for their long trip .

Remember, the midsumps are secondhand and some dents in the lower sump can occure. 
Most midsumps are not from Turbo engines but for the returnline it is easy to fix a line. More information on Facebook, as a lot of owners have published their solution.

Model: rockMeng
Used engine part -rockers and shaft 2M-4M engine..
฿ 4,000.00
Ex Tax:฿ 4,000.00
Model: midsumpjz
To be able to upgrade the engine of your older Crown MS50, MS60, MS75 or MS80 to an newer engine 1jz or 2jz, you will need a engine with a midsump. Most 1jz or 2 jz sold at scrapyards or in Japan do have a front or rear midsump. We are able to provide you with a good secondhand midsump that is clean..
฿ 13,600.00
Ex Tax:฿ 13,600.00
Model: rearsumpjz
We are able to provide you with a good secondhand rearsump, including baffle plate and oil-pickup..
฿ 14,000.00
Ex Tax:฿ 14,000.00
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